Fashion & Luxury Management School


Anna Sofie

Certificate in luxury management

Anna Sofie is from Denemark and she lived in Brussels for 6 months to attend the classes :“It has been an unforgettable and educational experience to follow the certificate in luxury magament at Modesign Academy. With amazing, skilled and competent teachers and professionals, you get an insight into this amazing world that the fashion industry has to offer and you get the tools needed to become a part of it. Following this certificate is one of the best decisions I have ever taken”


Certificate in luxury management

Anastasia is an Opera Singer and flew every week from Oslo to attend the classes : “How can I express my gratitude to the organizers of this amazing course! This experience gave me confidence, skills as well as provided me with plenty of valuable knowledge. I became better not only in creative things, management tricks, economic analysis, but in building and maintaining a network😇 Thank you, Modesign Academy team for these fantastic 6 months!!❤️❤️❤️ Love you !”


Certificate in luxury management

“This course has been a very enriching experience that has allowed me to get insights into an industry I have always been attracted to. Learning the process of how to build a brand from scratch and conceiving an actual physical product were for me the main elements of this valuable journey. Not only did it open my eyes to new possibilities but it also granted me awareness of my own creative capabilities”.


Certificate in luxury management

I studied International marketing and I’ve worked in Fashion for over 20 years. I always wanted to launch my own brand, but I was scared and unsure but since I started the MODESIGN ACADEMY I gained confidence and empowerment . It’s intense but worthy, because is a program that provides you with the possibilities to launch your own brand and demonstrate how it’s works in the Fashion world. I have learned so many things that I didn’t know before. All the teachers are friendly, professional and willing to see our success. I am so glad to be able to pursued my creativity into reality. I will be always thankful to MODESIGN ACADEMY to bring me to where I am today.


Certificate in luxury management

“Enriching experience where you not only learn about luxury fashion management but also on yourself.


Certificate in luxury management

“Be the person nobody thought you could be”