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Mathilde Hauret

Before joining MODESIGNPortrait_Mathilde Academy Mathilde studied Fashion Design and  Pattern Making at Helmo Mode in Liege. She worked as an intern with Maison Kitsuné, as a studio assistant. Which means she is working with all the different managers in the studio from Product Managers to the Head of Collection. She is now Product Manager at the Parisian shoe brand Monsieur Moustache.

Mathilde’s work ethic is very fashion forward and focused. She comes across as incredibly well-organised and her design process is inspiring. With a strong creative background Mathilde joined MODESIGN Academy because she wanted to see and understand the other aspects of the fashion industry. She wanted an in-depth knowledge of communication, marketing and production, as she knows that the creative side of the industry is now directed by sales numbers, trends and buyers. Mathilde has the air of a savvy lady, knowing full well that this opportunity with MODESIGN will give her the edge when she enters the business world of fashion.

The concept for Mathilde’s Jewel project focuses on icebergs. The design idea itself could have a real impact with a high-end quality, but what I like about Mathilde’s design is that she has also developed the product’s commercial potential with smaller, more affordable pieces.

Mathilde’s inspirations are not so much online blogs, Instagram or tumblr pages. Instead she enjoys going out and seeing what surrounds her: watching an art house film, seeing an art exhibition, meeting new people or being inspired by photography. Currently she is following the work of the French couple Maud Chard and Theo Gosselin. For her an image is much more beautiful when printed in a book or magazine – she believes it has much more soul and life than on a computer screen.

Mathilde’s online portfolio:

By Danielle Griffiths