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Heleen Janssens


Heleen’s background is in architecture. After gaining a Masters Degree in Interior Architecture, Heleen has worked as a freelancer ever since – first for residential clients, then for commercial clients through an architect agency. She still continues with some projects, even as she works one to two days a week in a coffee shop to support her studies and an internship. 

These girls work exceptionally hard, not only in their studies and in preparation for their chosen career, but also supporting themselves financially with part time jobs. I’m yet to meet one of them that focuses solely on their studying.

Heleen did an internship in the production department of Christian Wijnants, which she loved. This thaught her all about the company’s production; she had the opportunity to observe and learn a lot from all the people working there. Heleen has always had a deep interest in fabrics and textiles and she is really enthusiastic about working in a company that works with great materials and has a lot of its production in Europe. She is now pursuing her projects as an Interior Architect while looking for the best position in production with the help of our job coach.

Heleen says Modesign Academy seemed like a great opportunity to gain a broader knowledge of the fashion industry and work out exactly which role she wanted to pursue. She has been inspired by the people who came to speak for the production module, who, she says, ‘were actually quite amazing.’

Heleen’s jewel project is named Qiù, the Chinese word for ‘autumn’. The design is a necklace inspired by the Chinese lucky cricket, which represents happiness and prosperity in Chinese culture. The necklace will sit on the collar bone, one of the most beautiful lines on a female body. What Heleen wants to offer her client is a speck of happiness that the owner can carry with them the entire day – “A smile is what happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime.”

The layout and feel of her project looks very strong and is wonderful to look at, with every area covered. Heleen presents herself as very professional and delivers more than what is asked of her.