Fashion, Design, Luxury, Perfume & Cosmetics Management School

Caroline Vandenabeele 

Portrait_CarolineV_1Caroline is currently assisting in the running of Bee Nature, a young Belgian cosmetic brand which uses organic honey. She is responsible for the development and launch of new products, dermatological tests, clinical studies, establishment of pharmaceutical and medical discourse, marketing, communication and day-to-day strategy.

Caroline’s background prior to MODESIGN Academy is in pharmaceuticals, having studied a MSc in Hospital Pharmacy and gained her University Certificate in Clinical Pharmacy.

It strikes me that anyone, from any background, can join MODESIGN Academy. You do not need a design background – far from it. Caroline decided to join the academy in order to gain valuable information about management, marketing and communication within fashion and the cosmetics field. 

Caroline comes across well, and knows exactly what she needs out of this course and why. She seems very driven, well-organised and business motivated.

Caroline’s work has a common theme – here again she is working with nature. Her 3D design concept is about snowflakes, about how delicate and intricate an actual snowflake is when an image is blown up hundreds of times to show almost a thumbprint of different patterns for each different snowflake. The idea is both delicate and fascinating to see.