Fashion & Luxury Management School



Olivier_Zeegers After he graduated from UCL in Brussels in Political Sciences,  Olivier Zeegers worked in the communication department at LA CAMBRE-MODE(S) under the management of Franc’ Pairon. He then left for Paris to study Fashion & Design Management at Institut Français de la Mode (IFM). After working for Redken of L’Oréal he then re-integrated into IFM, this time as Pedagogical Coordinator, and launched The Fashion Master with Franc’Pairon, from which Guillaume Henri, the new fashion designer of Nina Ricci, recently graduated. 

Olivier Zeegers came back to Brussels in 2003 and combined pedagogical activities and consulting missions in the fashion sector as exhibition curator, journalist and lecturer for clients as MAD Brussels, WBDM, the Lace & Costume Museum, the Wallonia-Brussels Center in Paris, IFM, Natan, Ihecs or UIBS in Antwerp.

In 2014 he created MODESIGN Academy, the only Belgian fashion & design management school. Although Belgium hosts numerous excellent fashion & design schools, it was not possible to develop or strengthen your management skills in these fields until now. This private school benefits from the partnership of institutional structures such as Brussels Exclusive Labels, MAD Brussels, Comeos, Creamoda, Fedustria, Flanders Fashion Institute, Job’In Design, La Maison du Design, TL Mag and WBDM.

MODESIGN Academy offers a specific part-time programme to graduated students (any field) who would like to develop or strengthen their management skills to work in the fashion & design industries (Executive Master in Fashion & Design Management) but also Master Classes, Summer Classes, Discovery Days and Evening Classes for Entrepreneurs for people who are interested in fashion & design or want to launch their own brand. All classes are held by leading experts in the sector who are eager to share their knowledge and know-how.  Thanks to Olivier Zeegers professional network throughout Europe MODESIGN Academy is able to set up a wide range of activities in order to promote fashion & design in every way: access to industry players in various countries in Europe, examples of sustainable processes, experimentation of new technologies, approaching and understanding what luxury really is, acquire a management expertise , protect and sustain craftmanship.


MODESIGN Academy is dedicated to fashion, design & luxury management.  Whether you’re creative or not, whether you want to start your business in fashion or be employed in the sector, the gap between creativity and management needs to be filled up.  The school offers courses to people who have a strong interest in the sector, who already have a degree, and who have to acquire specific skills in brand management.