Fashion, Design, Luxury, Perfume & Cosmetics Management School

Module 7 The brand

A brand is at the heart of the business, regardless of the size of the product.  With the module 7 you will learn how to build, develop and take care of a brand.

CONTENT: we will tell you about the evolutionary stages of a brand from its creation to fruition.  We will work on the elaboration of a brand strategy taking into account all the expertise acquired in the first 6 modules.  The strategy has to integrate the notion of sustainability and to enable the product to be positioned on the luxury segment.


  • to build a strategy for a brand, that is going to be presented in pop-ups between April and June 2015
  • to work on the different aspects of the process: finance, law, marketing, communication, distribution, design, production, retail
  • to manage the success criteria of the brand