Fashion, Design, Luxury, Perfume & Cosmetics Management School

Module 9 Production & Purchasing

Responsible production and intelligent sourcing will guarantee that your orders will be delivered on-time and with consistent quality standards.
Learn how to keep the supply chain and the clients happy.

CONTENT: We will talk about production and management sourcing.  Where can you find raw materials?  Where can they be transformed? Will the manufacture respect the quality standards? How can you reduce costs?  How to apply sustainability to the supply chain? What is a retroplanning? Which manufacture will accept an order for small quantities production?  What are the new methods of production?

We will benefit from what we previously learned to launch the production of the 3D designed products in the best conditions.


  • to set up  successful retroplanning and optimize your budget
  • to learn more about sourcing countries and sustainable processes
  • to know how and where to produce worldwide