Fashion, Design, Luxury, Perfume & Cosmetics Management School

Module 11Marketing & Communication

When it comes to marketing and communication, the sky is the limit.  First you must learn first how to position your brand, to identify your consumer, and how to reach them successfully.

CONTENT: we will work on the different marketing techniques (offline, online).  How to position the brand? What is a good communication strategy? What is barter in terms of communication? We will learn about well-known examples of marketing and communication campaigns.

We will then create a link between marketing techniques and the communication strategy, this will help you define who we want to reach for your 3D designed products, for the MODESIGN Academy pop-up store to generate a business.


  • to be able to set up a marketing & communication strategy above and below the line.
  • learning to work in partnerships to succeed
  • to use social media and focus on community management