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Floor Duchi

FloorFloor just made her dream came true by doing an internship at the Communication Department of Dries Van Noten in Paris. Before that new move in her life, she did internships at Elle België/Belgique in Brussels, at Trendwolves Youthwatching in Ghent and at the famous Flanders Fashion Institute in Antwerp. She is now looking for position in Paris with the help of our job coach.

Known to her friends a the Busy Bee, Floor’s personality is like a ray of sunshine. She inspires you with anticipation in the way in which she presents her 3D jewellery project named ‘Close’. It is a very fashionable, forward-thinking design for a necklace with a hidden detail attached. Her design approach is towards creating a high-end product, which is also commercially desirable.

After studying Communication Management in Ghent, Floor entered MODESIGN Academy to gather a good network of fashion-based professionals, a good grounding in management skills and the groundwork to being able to work within the fashion sector.