Fashion & Luxury Management School

Our experts

We have a team of experts willing to share their knowledge and passion. They are all working professionals.



Those experts teach during various classes along the program

Legal Aspects : Anna Gibello

Financial and management skills : Gilles Grosjean



Those expoerts teach during various classes along the program.

Brand Management : Isabelle Bourne & Camelia Cracan

Collection Plan :  Isabelle Bourne, Marine Halna du Fretay

Production : Ananya Sharna & Jo Van Landeghem

Marketing  : Claire Baillet & Brigitte Weberman

Communication  : Ingrid Plater

Retail : Pieter Klaesen



We invite a lot experts to come once to share their know-how. Amongst 180, here are some of them :

Nele Bernheim , Nina Bodenhorst, Patricia Canino, Alberto Campagnolo, Susanna Campogrande, Lise Coirier

Ellen Corcoran, Dimitri de Negri, Quentin De Coster, Stéphanie Dewuffel-Dessart

Marie d’Huart, Pierre Echard, Chrystel Fischer, Marianne Fraeys,  Louison GrajcarGilles Grosjean

Annick Jehanne,  Kunty Moureau , Francine Pairon, Muriel Piaser, Bess Stonehouse

Barbara Sylvester, Elodie Treillard, Thierry Trivelin, Louise Van den Bogaert, Chantal Vanoeteren, Fabienne Vaerewyck,





What have lead you working for MODESIGN ACADEMY?

I have been invited into the Academy to talk about the different careers in fashion not just design.

What expertise do you provide the students?

I have been a London based fashion stylist for over 10 years till moving to Brussels in 2012 where I have written a book about fashion styling.  The aim of the handbook is to provide a comprehensive insider’s guide to working as a fashion stylist, a fast-paced and fascinating area of the fashion industry.  With the focus on ‘how to be a stylist’, rather than ‘how to style’, it offers an informative, creative and practical introduction to anyone just starting out in one of the most popular and aspirational careers in fashion.

What in your opinion are the strengths of the program in a career?

The strength of this program is that it gives the students an actual work and life opportunity to make and see how to get a product into the real world, from start to finish, with the backing and influence of many industry insiders.



What is the experience of working for MODESIGN ACADEMY

It helps to communicate around ideas and possibilities together with the students who are in their starting blocks of their professional carriers in the fashion or design industry.

It helps to create a set-up with and for the students together with professional teachers from the field, to work on an idea and find the right balance between the emotional and the rational part off the fashion and design industry.•

It shows the set-up of their education program and all the different facets of the industry for example practical visits and theoretical class works.•

It shows and learns how to take up your own responsibility in becoming a strong manager or entrepreneur and team member.

What expertise do you bring to the students?

Daily practical expertise, by motivating the creativity side of the students and help theme to integrate the business side of the Fashion and Design industry.

Learn to work and develop the products with the end consumer in mind.

Which selling channels are possible for production and what are the particularities for each channel.

Retail concept development and use of the retail standard numbers.

Find the balance between the rational and the emotional part of the business.

What is the strength of this program in a career?

Learn how to work in a team, finding solutions within a team when there are different points of views regarding certain issues or idea’s

That there is more than the creative part of our business, we have to take care of a strong time schedule’s and that working with numbers is an imported part of the job.

Always keep your end-consumer in mind during all facets of development.