Fashion & Luxury Management School


Certification (coordinated by Ingrid Plater)

Specialized tailored-made courses for:

  • students who have previous experience in the fashion industry (ie retail, wholesale, design, marketing, merchandising) are eligable for a “MODESIGN Academy Certification”  after a review of project by a jury of fashion professionals.
  • students who are currently enrolled in the Executive Master in Fashion & Design Management and who are interested in expending their knowledge.


  1. Luxury Management: 96 hours of onsite course work held by fashion professionals of the luxury industry (classes held on Thursday afternoon, from 03/10/2016 to 30/03/2017).
  2. Perfume & Cosmetics Management: 96 hours of onsite course work held by professionals, in partnership with the ACADEMIE DU PARFUM in ANTWERP, the course will prepare you for in depth knowledge in the history of perfume and its industry (classes held on Thursday afternoon from 03/10/2016 to 30/03/2017)