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Luxury Brand Management



This course is taught by Dr Pascal Portanier, Ph.D in Luxury Brand Management, and who has 15 years’ experience in marketing and design for international luxury brands.

Pascal started his career as designer for Karl Lagerfeld, and went on working for brands such as : Rodier, Rosenthal, Lancôme, Clarins, Institut Guinot…

Dr Portanier is a worldwide expert in the field, and has been giving seminars for the last 15 years in the most prestigious universities in Monaco, London, Dubai, Moscow, Beijing and Lisbon. Furthermore, Pascal, former Senior Manager at Accenture Consulting, is delivering consultancy on their branding and design strategies to luxury companies in the Middle East, South America and Asia.

Course description

This intensive course of 600 slides explores the luxury universe of the ready-to-wear, haute couture, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes and licence products.

Analysing the branding strategies, the design of the collections, the retail and communication aspects, Dr Portanier is introducing participants to the latest and practical techniques in luxury brand management.

Course program

The program of this course, full with real case studies and illustrations, includes:

Luxury marketing strategies and product differentiation.

Luxury fashion and product design. Creative researches.

Trend forecasting, mood boards and utilisation of colors.

Semiotic analysis and product decoding : the power of symbols.

Job descriptions in luxury companies.

Packaging and product display strategies.

Luxury windows and interior design shops.

Production techniques of luxury goods.

Case study : evaluation of the production cost and sale price of one product.

Communication strategies and budgets.

Advertising campaigns decoding and Internet web sites analysis.

Digital social media in the luxury sector.

Analysis and secrets of successful luxury brands.


Student project

During the second part of this course, students will work on a group project, including the marketing strategy and the design of a new product for a luxury brand. Each teamwork will present on PowerPoint their project the last day of class.



“Dr. Portanier is a master in his craft of luxury branding and manages to create an interesting and in depth course for professionals, university graduates, and all people interested in luxury and design”. Max, Holland.

“An amazing immersion experience into luxury strategies, product design, and communication developments”. Francesca, Italy.

“The luxury brand management and product design course gave me everything. I needed to re-align my brand and plan for the future. I would highly recommend this course. It was worth flying in from Zambia”. Nankhonde, Zambia.

“By creating a new product line for a luxury brand, I was able to apply my learnings from the course to the project. The course was great, and I believe that the content and overall experience was enhanced because it was taught by Dr. Portanier himself ! You are an inspiration”. Attajaan, Canada.

“Beyond of being a specialist, Pascal is passionate and knows how to share his in-depth knowledge regarding the luxury field in a fascinating and extremely pedagogical way. Joining together management and design, this course which offers both theory and practice represents a real added value. I highly recommend it ! “. Juliette, France. 


No prerequisite

Classes from August 28 to September 1st

Deadline to register : July 3

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Tuition fee : 1200 euros

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